School Council

Hi, we're the School Council

All classes send two elected Representatives to Council from each class who listen to ideas from pupils in the school.

We meet once a month to talk, write, draw and make decisions. After this meeting, members go back to their classes and discuss with them ideas from the meeting, and listen to opinions.

The School Council helps everybody to better understand how the school runs. People are more aware of their surroundings and how the school property is 'theirs'. This makes people think more about the effects of their actions on others.

Our aim is to let Hothfield pupils have a say in what happens in our school and we try to make it a better, safer and more fun place to be. We have a lot of responsibility in School Council and we have to communicate with lots of people - including Mr Procter.


These are some of the things that we do to help others around us:

* Organise clubs

* Help dinner ladies

* Help organise fund-raising for good causes once every half term

* Discuss things with the class

* Make Hothfield a safer, better place

* Pass on things to teachers when we need a helping hand