About us.


At Hothfield, we believe that:

“All children can become successful and energised learners”


“Intelligence is not fixed – it can be grown”


  • children need to feel safe and healthy in order to learn and develop well  and so we need to play our part in ensuring children are secure and full of energy
  • our school should be an uplifting place where all children are valued and cared for
  • all children have the potential to be energised and successful learners because intelligence is not fixed – it can be grown.  



And so we want our children to leave Hothfield with:


  • strength in the Hothfield 6Rs for Learning – resilience; responsibility; good social and learning relationships; resourcefulness and the ability to reflect and reason.
  •  confidence and enjoyment  in reading, writing and maths
  • a strong knowledge and understanding of the world around them and the desire to know more
  • an appreciation of the lives of others – recognising that which we have in common and valuing difference
  • the ability to grow from mistakes, have their ideas challenged and challenge the ideas of others
  • an understanding that effort plus challenge equals success
  • a positive attitude towards school and learning and a motivation to continue succeeding



A message from the Head Teacher and Deputy Head


                Mr James Procter                                                           Mrs Su Cloke
                              Head Teacher                                                Deputy Head Teacher

On behalf of the staff, Su and I would like to welcome you to Hothfield Junior School. 

I was privileged to have been appointed as the new headteacher at Hothfield from September 2011.  I joined a school with a well-earned reputation for high educational standards in a warm and caring environment.         

Hothfield is a happy and lively place to be with a dedicated and caring staff. Everyone who works in school has high standards and expectations and a genuine concern to ensure that all children in school reach their full potential.

We have two 'mantras':  Our belief that 'Intelligence is not fixed - it can be grown' and 'All children can become successful learners'.

Our school is built on mutual respect and care for one another and is a place where individuals are valued. Our expectations for your child are high. We expect children to work hard and achieve the highest standards possible: to make informed decisions and to work and play well with others in the well ordered environment we provide.

We offer a very wide range of out of school activities for the children and we hope that your child will find something worthwhile and enjoyable to take part in after school. Parents too can get involved at Hothfield if they wish. Several parents are involved in working in classrooms and others offer their support in supervising clubs at lunchtimes or after school. We have our own Parents' Group which organises many events for us over the year. The wonderful support parents give helps to raise funds for school as well as providing enjoyable events for both children and parents alike. If you wish to join this group please get in touch with me.

Please remember there is always someone in school who will be available should you wish to talk over anything with us. Please do not sit at home worrying about anything and never think something is too small it is not worth contacting us about. An appointment can be made to see me by telephoning the school at any time or emailing me directly on head@hothfield.bradford.sch.uk

If you have not already paid us a visit, we should be delighted to show you around so that you can meet the staff and the children.