Learning Mentor

Our Learning Mentor is Mrs Burgoyne

What is Mentoring?

Learning mentors work with pupils and individuals, teachers and managers, parents, carers and families, schools and other agencies, helping to construct a support network. Within that framework they develop trusting relationships in which information can be shared.
Learning mentors have had a tremendous impact on individual pupils lives, in many cases transforming low achieving and unfocused students with minimal self-esteem and a lack of commitment into more confident pupils with higher grades, improved motivation and a sense of direction. We hold different clubs, lunchtime activities and after school workshops.



Parenting Pack

I recently attended a four day course on the above. It was run jointly by the Family Support Unit and Family Welfare Association and is part of the Extended Schools Provision.

We now have a 'Parenting Pack' in school with copyable sheets, which can be made available to parents with particular issues. Included in the manual are topics which include:

Behaviour and personality


Families, Cultures and values

Active Listening

Anger management

Verbal and Non-verbal communication

Sibling rivalry


Self-concept and Self-esteem

Stages of parenthood

Healthy eating,

Parenting patterns

Drugs awareness and Sexual Health

Nature and nurture

Stress and relaxation


If parents would like access to any information in the manual, please call and see Mrs Burgyone who will look through for the relevant sections needed.


Learning Mentor Ofsted

As you aware, we recently had an Ofsted inspection. Extracts from the report read as follows;The newly appointed Learning Mentor is providing good support and guidance to those pupils who have low self esteem, which affects their work and behaviour in class. this initiative is still developing but has already proved successful and is appreciated by pupils, teachers and parents alike. The newly appointed Learning mentor is also making a good contribution in monitoring and supporting pupils' personal development by providing clearly focused help for those pupils with social and emotional needs. The school is very aware that pupils need more to occupy them in the playground and has appointed a playleader to organise activities at lunchtime. This works well in combination with the junior playtime mentors in developing pupils' general social skills. The junior mentor scheme encourages personal responsibility, initiative and independence.